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Silk sleeping bag liner

  • Sleep Tight ! High quality liner made from 100% silk and specially woven to stop insects such as mosquitos and bed bugs which would normally pierce through other fabrics. The generous 85 x 210 cm (83x33 In) sizing gives you the freedom to move around at night

  • Travel Light !  Compact and weighs less than your phone, You save space without compromising comfort

  • An easy companion : The high resistant fiber makes your sleeping bag liner reliable. Your travel sheet is easily washable : hand and machine wash friendly. Oh and since it’s silk, it is also fast drying.

  • Go with style :: The combination with our vibrant colours makes your silk sleeping bag unique stylish and practical . It’s simple, it’s fresh, it’s beautiful !

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Our Silk : 

  • Durable : hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, molds and fungi
  • Optimal protection : Anti bed bug and anti-mosquito - reduce the risk of catching malaria at night
  • Keeps you dry and confortable in any climate, year round
  • Reduced friction on the pillow area to keep your hair to healthy even through the toughest traveling conditions
  • Soft and Smooth texture, also non slippery, the sleeping bag liner silk feels like a second skin so you can fall asleep peacefully
  • High temperature increase when used in sleeping bag +3°C of your sleeping bag rating. s


Our Design :

  • The transport pouch is attached that you won’t loose it and has a large opening that it is easy to stuff your liner inside
  • Fold it once more in the flap to minimize the space used. The wrinkles go away after a few minutes of the liner being outside the pouch
  • Plenty of room for your feet, the rectangular shape can be used on its own or inside a sleeping bag of any shape
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100% Natural Silk
220 x 85 cm

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